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Fiber Optical Terminations

Business applications are rapidly changing around us and we are experiencing market trends evolving towards video conferencing and high speed data retrieval from mass storage devices. Rock Electric Inc. can help provide your company the flexibilty to be able to upgrade from a 10 or 100 Mb to 1 Gig or even 10 Gig network, which will extend your company's network longevity and essentially protect your investment. 

  • Installation and termination of multimode or singlemode optical fiber. 
  • WAN campus whether it be an aerial or underground application
  • Network extensions cabling to various IDF locations.
  • Multifloor network backbone cabling that distributes between the Entrance facility, TR's, and TC's.
  • Fusion splicing of optical fiber is a service we can provide.

Network Cabling and Design

At Rock Electric we prefer our customers to have the best value for their investment, which is why we install high quality, innovative products, and solutions that exceed performance standards. All "NetClear" (please refer to link below) networks that we design are also guaranteed with a 25 year warranty.

  • Rock Electric Inc. technicians are BICSI certified, which allows us to perform the most effective cabling practices in the industry. ( please refer to link below) 
  • We also have a certified BICSI RCDD to help in the conceptual design process.
  • With the migration from 1 Gig to 10Gig ethernet in certain applications,we provide customers with Category 6 cabling solutions.
  • We install PoE patch panels to supply all of your low voltage equipment needs.
  • WiFi Hot Spots are also an option that we can provide given a scenario where multi user customers can access the internet at your establishment or office board meetings. 
  • We troubleshoot and install POS terminals into your network for retail and restaraunt applications.
  • For your convenience our staff will work "off hours" to accomodate any moves adds or changes to your stores equipment.
  • We install cabling for store kiosk locations.
  • Our technicians install, terminate and test all network cables according to TIA/EIA standards.

Telecommunications Room Design & Buildout

    In a matter of speaking the Telecommunications Room is the "Hub of Productivity" for your business, performing such tasks as data storage, internet access, and critical business applications. We ensure that every square foot inside of your TR is designed for full functionality, reliablilty, and future growth.

  • All grounding and bonding work performed is completed as stated in the ANSI/TIA/EIA-607 Standard.
  • Firestopping re-establishes the integrity of existing fire-rated structures after a pathway has been created. The penetrations caused by conduits,cables, and other items must be sealed to prevent and contain further spread of a fire damage.  
  • Rack mounting completed by our technicians is in accordance with the ANSI/EIA 310
  • Temperature control seems to be overlooked in most designs and with power consumption of advances and addition of equipment it could have disastrous results. An overheated Telecommunications Room can cause ineffective operability of your network, reduce the longevity of your equipment, and in some cases unfortunately lead to costly downtime.


To contact Tim for further inquiries (click here)

We our among an elite few in our area to have the BICSI corporate seal. Please click the link to see why you should hire a BICSI certified technician.


We recommend the " Netclear" solution for all new designs to maximize your networks performance.


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