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Office Solutions

Voice Solutions are just as important as data applications in the workplace. Talking to someone on the phone helps to facilitate a good working relationship. Dropped calls or repetitve buzzing sounds in the background could present a negative representation of your company. We offer reliable installations of: 

  • Voice backbone cabling whether it be 25,50,100 or 200 pair.
  • Horizontal Cabling to current or new workstations.
  • Abandoned Cable Removal, which is an important aspect to ensuring your company's safety. The National Electrical Code (NEC) has provided Article 800.52(B) which states that all accessible cables, unless marked for future use, must be removed.
  • Outside plant cabling to other Campus locations via Aerial or underground installations.
  • Extension of phone lines from Service provider Network Interface Devices (NIDS).
  • Building Entrance Terminals along with 5 Pin protection modules will provide your Telecommunications Equipment with protection from lightning and electrical surges.
  • Provide cabling and cross connections for PoE phones

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Residential Solutions

In many residential environments you may old wiring that needs to be updated given the new transmission speeds on the marketplace from FTTH, cable companies providing phone service or VoIP. We are able to:

  • Digital Subsriber Line (DSL) highspeed computer cabling.
  • 66 Block installations allow your home's messy multiple spliced lines to be relocated and terminated at a central location.
  • Trace out and label existing phone lines
  • Repair nonfunctional wiring.


                               Cellular Phone Reception Booster

      These devices are affordable and excellent for all dead areas such as your home or office where reception is challenging. These mobile extenders will:

  • increase your dead area reception from up to 2,500 to 4,000 sq feet depending on your needs
  • allow multiple users to have conversations at the same time.
  • works with most cell phones and carriers.
  • will solve your indoor coverage issues and allow you and your family to talk freely in the comforts of your own home without having to deal with dropped calls or voice messages due to no service.
  • extend your mobile device's battery life.
  • will increase productivity from workers that do not have to leave the office area to make calls or check voicemail.
  • enhances data performance for your mobile device.
  • These are referred to as wireless signal boosters or wireless extenders many of which have been found to be not that effective. We install a product that has received high reviews and comes with a 1 year warranty.

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